Let Thermex-Thermatron Material Handling Systems do the work for you

Thermex-Thermatron Systems provides a range of Radio Frequency Systems that help manufacturers produce high-quality products in many different industries. Our Material Handling Systems offer additional options and ease of use during the manufacturing process including automation utilizing PLC.

Thermex-Thermatron has a Material Handling System that will enable you to utilize labor faster and more efficiently during the production cycle. Our Material Handling Systems include:

We welcome you to visit our facility and take your products for a test drive at ThermaLab – Thermex-Thermatron’s in-house laboratory. ThermaLab features an RF Press with one of our most user friendly and economical material handling systems – the Automatic Frontload Shuttle. Our Microwave and Radio Frequency Systems located in ThermaLab can be utilized to evaluate your product’s dielectric heating suitability.

Contact Thermex-Thermatron and let the results speak for themselves. Let Us Build One For You.


Mark Isgrigg, Director of Sales
PH: (502) 493-1299, EXT.202